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No other professional conference brings together Data Vault leaders from across the globe to share challenges and success stories, participate in hands-on software demonstrations, and engage in unparalleled networking opportunities. If you are determined to deliver the best data warehouse architecture for your customers, this meeting should be at the top of your annual travel plan.
Randy Benzel
Sr. Data Warehouse Architect / Pure BI, Inc
I really enjoyed my time at the WWDVC conference 2016, both as a speaker as well as an attendant. The sessions and conversations have been very insightful and much fun to experience, and the whole event has been organized flawlessly. Hats off Dan!
Marco Kerwitz
Software Developer / 4Com GmbH & Co. KG
If you are interested in, or an expert in Data Vault, this conference is a must. Many of the great presentations showed what was possible with Data Vault, and the friendliness and willingness to share among the participants was great. I also like the relatively small size of the conference, it allowed me to really get to know others. Finally, I was amazed at the heavy turnout from other countries. It shows how committed people are to a concept that works!
Tom Carroll
Principal / Tower 700 Consulting
Very good experience all together for networking, discussions about DataVault and great presentations from real world use cases.
Torsten Glunde
One of the presenters referenced Lego blocks - they are simple constructs, but can be used powerfully and creatively. I was impressed by the many stories I heard at the conference on how some inspiring individuals had taken the clean, elegant Data Vault components (hubs, links and satellites) and created amazing solutions to business problems. The conference was an eye-opener as to the potential of Data Vault.
John Giles
IT consultant / Country Endeavours
WWDVC 2016 was, as expected, an awesome event. Not only are the sessions and keynotes inspiring and practical, I especially appreciated the brainstorming pre-event with certified Data Vault practitioners. That alone was worth the trip.
Kent Graziano
Senior Technical Architect / Snowflake Computing
WWDVC-2016: * Great Presentations * Wonderful Community * Lovely Location. *If you work with (or you would like to learn about) Data Vault, I can highly recommend this conference. Come in and join the community! Looking forward to next year's WWDVC.
Christian Haedrich
Another Great Event on Data Vault Just Ended Stowe, VT May 28–30, 2015 World Wide Data Vault Consortium 2015 has been organized and facilitated - just like in the previous years - by Dan Linstedt, the inventor of the Data Vault Architecture (DV 1.0) and its extension - Data Vault 2.0. This time - in the picturesque Von Trapp Family Lodge; remember “High on a hill was a lonely goatherd/ Lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo…” However, this was no time for yodeling; the conference was packed with great presentations, demos, and discussions. Some of the speakers were industry’s leaders and well-known publishers such as Claudia Imhoff, Ph.D. (, Scott W. Ambler (SA+A), Kent Graziano (The Data Warrior ), and others. There were around 60 data vault practitioners - consultants, vendors, and customers - from at least 7 countries. And, of course, Dan Linstedt, like a mountain eagle, was watching and facilitated the event from the height of his expertise and know-how… This year’s themes were dominated by concept and implementation of Data vault 2.0 – the evolution of the world-renown DV1.0; arguably, 7 out of 10 new EDW’s built in Data Vault “flavor”. Some of the presentations were: • Big Data, NoSQL and DV2.0 Modeling • Temporal Data Warehouse and Data Vault • EDW and Data Marts Virtualization • Event-Driven Real-Time EDW in the Cloud • Agile Big Data Warehousing with DV2.0 • …and much more! I was honored to have the opportunity to present WhereScape Solution for DV 2.0. In this presentation I described what both WhereScape products -3D and RED – have to offer to organizations to build an Information System with Big Data inclusion that is fully compliant with the DV2.0. “Utilizing WhereScape 3D - DW planning tool - in conjunction with WhereScape RED - DW building tool – [WhereScape] provides a complete agile solution for discovering, profiling, planning, building, deploying, managing and renovating data warehouses and data marts” -- Participant I appreciate Dan for giving me another opportunity to speak at his conventions. I would like to participate in future WWDVC events and highly recommend all the Data Warehouse and Business intelligence practitioners, Big Data enthusiasts and Data vault lovers to partake in the future WWDVC symposia as well as consider the crème de la crème Data Vault coaching from Dan Linstedt.
Raphael Klebanov
Senior Consultant / Wherescape