AnalytixDS Hands-On Workshop

AnalytixDS Hands-on Workshop

At this year’s WWDVC AnalytiX DS will be presenting a detailed client use case for a Big Pharma Data Vault.  Starting with the detailed requirements session and design approach – AnalytiX DS went onsite with the client to fully assess the situation.  The assessment served to be a very important part of this Data Vault Implementation.  Not every Data Vault effort is the same, and this case takes us down a path of discovery and reconciliation of the Data Vault advantages, and how they aligned to the client-specific needs.  Discerning whether to take a metadata driven approach or a logical model driven approach, client needs can change the design implementation approach and outcomes based on which is chosen.

The approach chosen for this use case: The Logical Model approach, which was a decision taken by the Architect in conjunction with AnalytiX DS Experts.  The decision was made based on the ability to ingest the logical data model, and map it to the physical sources (multiple in some cases). This gave a strategic advantage, in allowing the architect’s vision to be perpetuated through to the actual physical implementation of the Data Vault.  Mapping the Business Keys from the Data Source to the Logical Architecture simplifies the approach, saves time, and provides greater flexibility and scalability to the overall effort.

Our goal for the session is the take the audience through this unique approach, and to have an interactive discussion about this and other approaches that lend to the Data Vault’s value and fit, for a broad variety of clients worldwide – while exploring the capabilities provided by the AnalytiX Data Services “EPICENTER” Platform for Modern Data Management.

AnalytixDS will be presenting with their tool in the CLOUD.  There will be no software needed to install or configure on your laptops.



Location: Pinnacle Room Date: May 15, 2018 Time: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm Sam Benedict Paul Kinnier John Carter