Beyond a Hadoop DV2 Data Warehouse

Extending Your Hadoop Based Data Vault 2.0 DW using Spark Technologies

MORE TO COME!!!  This is a small tidbit of what Sanjay will be offering!!

There are many ways that you can build a DW using technologies on the Apache Hadoop platform. Once you have it built, then what? The core reporting functionalities are already taken care of, but how far beyond can you go with the same data assets that you’ve built?

This is an exploratory presentation which will combine many elements not commonly associated with Data Warehousing and use Apache Spark and other ancillary Hadoop technologies to leverage one of the most important data assets in your organization – A Data Warehouse.

  • Spark SQL enhancements
  • RDD to DataFrame Evolution
  • Spark Libraries to Choose From

Full Conference
Location: Stowe North & South Date: May 18, 2017 Time: 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm Sanjay Pande