“Big” Data Vault at Micron

“Big” Data Vault – Micron’s journey with massive volumes on Data Vault 2.0

Micron Technology, Inc. has adopted Data Vault 2.0 for its new Global Enterprise Data Warehouse, collecting data from many manufacturing sites across the globe into a common model. We will share how DataVault has performed on high-volume, fast-moving sets of data on the Teradata platform using Wherescape tools for ELT automation.

Topics Covered

  • Micron’s data volumes and the interesting challenges with DataVault.
  • What works, and what doesn’t. Share solutions Micron has implemented, including the failed attempts.
  • Wherescape ELT Automation as a strategic advantage, including Consistency, Conformity, Quality, & Transparency

Full Conference
Location: Stowe North & South Date: May 17, 2017 Time: 2:05 pm - 3:05 pm Mike Magalsky Chris Sundstrom