DataVaultBuilder Hands On

Creating a fully automated Data Vault using the Datavault Builder

In this Hands on Session we will take you on an incredible ride from nothing to a production ready Data Vault. Within the first few minutes, we will setup a completely new environment. Then, a walk through the graphical user interface of the Datavault Builder demonstrates you how to model your Data Vault structures. All necessary code will be automatically implemented in real time.

We will start with one source system and without any business rules. After creating a first report based on this raw data we do return to the Data Vault to add business rules, Business Vault loads and a second data source.

In the third part you will learn to deploy our production ready jobs to another environment in an agile way and to schedule the automatically generated jobs.

The last section will be open to your modelling questions.

Resources to View Before Attending

You can check the how to videos to get a first impression of the tool we will be using

Requirements for your Laptop:

  • You need a laptop with chrome browser installed
  • You need a WiFi connection

What you will learn:

  • How to create a fully automated Data Vault including
    • setup of a sandbox
    • staging
    • Raw Vault load
    • dimensional output
  • How to add virtual business rules and to load them into the Business Vault
  • How to automatically create a report based on a Dimensional Model
  • How to deploy the developed parts in an agile way

Goals of the session:


  • Setup a new Datavault Builder environment in the cloud or on premise
  • Stage a new source system
  • Model and load the Raw Vault
  • Create a dimensional output layer
  • Visualize the data automatically in a first report
  • Add business rules
  • Add a Business Vault load
  • Integrate a second data source into the Data Vault
  • Output the integrated data
  • Deploy the solution to a cloud instance
  • Schedule your production ready jobs




Location: Pinnacle Room Date: May 14, 2018 Time: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm Beat Bannwart