Francois Trudeau

Information Technology is a second career for Francois. Even though he got his bachelor degree in computer science from UQAM in December 2000, he started working in the Business Intelligence field in 1998.For the last 18 years, Francois worked for telco, retail and financial services corporations, where he had the opportunity to play many roles, including Business Analyst, Solution Architect, Data Architect, Project Manager Production Support Coordinator, BICC Manager and then some; many times, playing two or three roles concurrently. Some will say he’s a Jack of all trades. Francois would simply say that he is curious and that he likes diversity.

Mid 2000s, when working for a major telco wholesalers in Canada he played a key role in deploying (and operating) one of the most sophisticated and largest near-real time Operational DW, based on a MPP Share Nothing architecture.His current position as Application Architect matches perfectly with this kind of professional profile. For the past three years, Francois was involved on projects mainly as Project Architect, Solution Architect and Data Architect. We can see a trend here. It is in this context that he had the opportunity to get his cbip in data analysis and design and a certification in DV1.0 data modeling.About three year ago he started experimenting with DV2.0 and is currently designing new subject areas to be added to Intact Data Vault in addition of being involved in Intact BI strategic planning.

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