Geoff McElhanon

Geoff McElhanon has over 20 years’ experience in professional software development, with 15 years in a lead developer/architect role. The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation selected Geoff to lead the development for what would become a set of open source technologies supporting the Ed-Fi® data standard. In this capacity, he was the principal software architect for the Ed-Fi Dashboards, the Ed-Fi 2.0 Operational Data Store (ODS), the Ed-Fi ODS 2.0 API, and most recently an Ed-Fi Data Vault.

For these efforts, he is credited with several innovations, including relationship-based identity management to enforce FERPA restrictions, application of a domain-specific language with code generation to generate the Ed-Fi API code, and integrating domain-specific security into the API based upon systems of authority. He directly supported Ed-Fi implementation projects with various State Education Agencies, including Texas, Delaware, Tennessee, Nebraska, Arizona, and Arkansas.

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