Performance G2

We are consultants and advisory experts who help your company discover challenges, determine the right path for your company to overcome those challenges, and deliver a comprehensive solution for your individual business goals.

PG2 is the Business Intelligence Consultancy for companies looking to modernize their enterprise data warehouse.We help companies rapidly build their enterprise data warehouse using Agile, Data Warehouse Automation, Cloud Platforms, and the Data Vault 2.0 system of Business Intelligence.

From day one, our highly-trained consultants work with your staff to determine where you would like to take your business in the future, what data you have currently, how your data can help you achieve your goals, and the best path forward to make that happen.

Working with our our industry experts, we develop a solution completely tailored for your company’s business needs. Once the solution has been developed, PerformanceG2 integrates the platform into your company’s infrastructure, all the while ensuring a successful transfer of knowledge to you and your team through our fully customized on-site or online based training and exceptional ongoing service and support.