Speaker Submission

Welcome To Full Submission

Welcome to speaker submissions.  We like to keep the low cost of the conference for the attendees, because of this, we do not pay speakers fees.  All money for registration is generally used to pay for breakfast, lunches, coffee, snacks, A/V, and so on.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Does the abstract I wrote make me feel like I would attend this session (as if it were presented by someone else).  If the answer is no, or not really- then you need to rewrite your submission.

BY SUBMITTING THIS FORM, YOU EITHER ACCEPT AND GRANT US FULL PERMISSION FOR RECORDING, OR YOU CHOOSE TO OPT OUT.  Acceptance of this form is equivalent to a digital signature, and is binding.  *opting out of recording is your choice.

We cannot pay you or share revenue with you without a legal agreement.  If you allow us to record you, AND you do not sign any legal agreements, then we own the rights free & clear to record and distribute the recording as we see fit, along with setting the fees.

Please See the SPEAKER GUIDE as a reminder of all the information you should know.

Filling In the Form Instructions

  • Click the ADD SPEAKER button for each speaker in this single session.
  • You will be required to ADD each Speakers’ full information, so please have it ready
  • If you are the speaker and the contact, fill in your own information twice.
  • You can always request an edit to your submission by filling in the CONTACT US form
  • You will receive a number of emails throughout the review process, just be prepared to answer these.
  • Generally, once you receive an email – you have up to 15 days before the entire process expires and your submission would be automatically rejected at that point.
  • You will receive reminder emails about every 3 to 4 days – indicating you need to take action

Are you a vendor or sponsor?  Then select one of the SPONSOR session options available please.