Speaker Submission

Speaker Submission for WWDVC 2019

Welcome to speaker submissions.  We like to keep the low cost of the conference for the attendees, because of this, we do not pay speakers fees.  All money for registration is generally used to pay for breakfast, lunches, coffee, snacks, A/V, and so on.

Thinking about presenting?  Just not sure?

It’s easier than you think!  We want the entire story, not just the “successes”…  We love to hear what you tried, why it worked, what it failed – what you are currently struggling with (issues), and what you are most proud of accomplishing.


This year we would like a mix of presentations, two or three customer case studies, the rest: technical how-to or “how I solved…”  the following technical presentations are more than welcome:

  • how to automate Business Data Vault
  • How to setup for high speed real-time
  • How to execute testing and reconcilliation
  • How to design a virtual dimension / virtual fact
  • Performance Tuning of Platform X or Y for Data Vault (what did you have to do? why?)
  • How to leverage PIT & Bridges

Can you think of a few more?  Anything technically related: how you solved a problem, how you scaled, how you got multiple teams to be agile, how you got your warehouse to reconcile…  Anything that dives in to one specific technical aspect, or one specific solution that you solved.

About Recording

We like to record your presentations, and release all presentations (including slides) on video to all conference attendees (free to conference attendees). We will charge for additional access to your conference presentations, and resell the presentations on-line at https://dataVaultAlliance.com to those who did not attend the conference.

All attendees (including speakers) will have FREE access to the materials for at least 90 days.

BY SUBMITTING THIS FORM, YOU EITHER ACCEPT AND GRANT US FULL PERMISSION FOR RECORDING, OR YOU CHOOSE TO OPT OUT.  Acceptance of this form is equivalent to a digital signature, and is binding.  *opting out of recording is your choice.

Should you wish to earn some revenue from the on-line resales of just your video session, you may do so – however, this will require the following:

  1. legal signing of teaching agreement with LearnDataVault.com
  2. you must setup a Zaxaa.com and Paypal account for automatic payment
  3. we will share the profit with you 50% / 50% IF you follow all 3 of these stipulations.
  4. we RESPECTFULLY REQUEST you submit your entire PPTX (or KeyNote) presentation to us, so we can record it and present it from our laptop – setup with video recording and capture software

This is optional – however, we *cannot* pay you or share revenue with you without a legal agreement and the above stipulations met.

In other words: IF you allow us to record you, AND you do not sign any legal agreements, then WE own the rights free & clear to record and distribute the recording as we see fit, along with setting the fees.


You may choose to have your own laptop with all the software setup, along with any slides/presentation.  We will handle the recording of your presentation (slides, software, and all) professionally captured.  Nothing is required on your end.


PowerPoint and KeyNote are accepted.  Please ensure your presentations are provided ONE WEEK BEFORE the conference begins!!  We will use a standard presenter’s computer for the setup.

Deadlines & Dates

  • January 15th, 2019 – Speakers Call Closes
  • January 31st, 2019 – Speaker Decisions made
  • March 15th, 2019 – All Presentations must be submitted! (changes can be made after submission, as we don’t provide hard-copy prints)
    Minimum: PowerPoint 2010 PPTX format Required, PowerPoint 2013 (Or later) accepted,  Apple KeyNote also accepted.




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