Sponsors Download Page

Hello WWDVC Sponsor!

Welcome, we appreciate you being a sponsor.  On this page, you will find a number of helpful resources that will get you started with both your on-prem Exhibitor Booth AND our virtual CVENT exhibitor portal (your virtual show booth).  You and your team should access the Vendor Show Kit PDF downloadable from this page.

Please: Download all attachments and read through them carefully – as they will be the HELP for how to operate / setup / run your on-prem and virtual exhibitor booths.

If you have any issues with CVENT exhibitor hub,

  1. please contact CVENT: Customer Care line at 866.318.4357 first
  2. then if the issues are not resolved – please contact us using the CONTACT US form here: https://wwdvc.com/contact-us/

You are REQUIRED to register all support staff through Eventbrite – every employee, booth attendee, speaker, and hands-on session leader from your company.  Without a registration, your support staff cannot attend or access the virtual platform.

Thank you kindly,
Dan Linstedt

Important Resources for you:

  1. Accessing the Exhibitor Portal
  2. Completing Exhibitor-assigned Tasks
  3. Updating the Exhibitor Profile
  4. How to upload videos, documents, and links to be made available to attendees
  5. Adding Booth Staff
  6. How to use Exhibitor Chat and One-on-One Exhibitor Meetings
  7. How to manage your virtual booth
  8. How to export your leads and lead engagement metrics

Best Practices / Suggestions for SPEAKERS and HANDS-ON LABS: