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Hadoop/Hive for entire DW/BI data platform vs RDBMS vs Hybrid

At company where 90% of business data currently resides in RDBMS (DB2, Oracle, SQL Server). Recently implemented HDFS as landing zone for DW/BI environment.  Debating whether to pass all data through HDFS as landing zone before moving on to staging, then to integration, then to dimensional zones. Will have managed access to data across all zones.

Believe future will contain higher percentage of unstructured data but the core business entities (Customer, Account, Product, Location, Investment Advisor) will remain RDBMS.  Transaction/measures/factual data (Trades, Dividends, Buyout, Splits, etc.) will also be structured, but not necessarily RDBMS.

Considering data storage platform for future.  What are pro's, con's, and  recommendation of the board for each of 3 choices (entirely HDFS, entirely RDBMS, Hybrid of both, Other)?

Data integration alternatives, what is Data Vault 2.0 competing with?

What is the success/adoption rate of DV 2.0.

What alternative methodologies are considered viable options.

What alternative is considered biggest competition to DV2.0?.

Why aren't the major US consulting firms endorsing DV2.0?


I’m curious how or if Data Vault would or could incorporate blockchain...