DataVault WWDVC Full Agenda!

In case you hadn’t heard…  WWDVC (World Wide Data Vault Consortium) now has a full agenda!  Thank-you to all who submitted.  This years line-up is second to none.  We have customer case studies with successes from the financial world to the software world to the insurance world.

We have vendor presentations complete with evolutionary stories (why, value-add, how); including stories about Data Vault in the CLOUD!!  We have a few stories about Data Vault and NoSQL, Data Vault and Big Data, and of course: a talk about Data Vault and data warehousing in it’s next evolution: DYNAMIC DATA WAREHOUSING, what it is, how to get there TODAY.

We even have a Bill Inmon keynote, discussing the best practices around unstructured data and what it means to the industry.  We have Peter Aiken (former president of world-wide DAMA) discussing the impact of Data Vault on business decisions.

This years conference promises to be the biggest yet, with over 100 people in attendance.  We already have 39 people signed up!  This conference is limited, and once the seats are gone, they’re gone! 

Sign up today, get your seat before they all fill up.  Our vendors are bringing 3 hour Hands-On sessions with their tools and technology.  Come learn how they implement Data Vault while working directly with the technology these vendors bring to the table.  You WON’T want to miss this!