Exhibitor Packages

Exhibitor Packages

Exhibitor Showkit

Please take a minute to read through every detail of the Exhibitor Showkit. Important dates, times, locations, contact information and more are indicated in this document.  Feel free to download it and distribute it to the proper folks.

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Changes for 2024 have been made. Dates, Submissions, Expectations, all contained here.

Exhibitor Packages


The 2024 Exhibitor program: We have tightened the hours for the exhibitor hall. For exhibitors who want to gain greater value from the event, we have exhibitor levels available for an increased price, consistent with this added value.  Exhibitor personnel are welcome to attend all the sessions, and hear the speakers as well as participate in the networking events. 


Note:  Customer showcases are 55 minutes. Hands-on-Labs are 90 minutes in duration.

2024 Pricing and Benefits Listed Below

Exhibitor - Sponsor Benefits Comparison Chart

FeatureSponsorSilver ExhibitorGold ExhibitorPlatinum ExhibitorDiamond Exhibitor
Pricing (*See Sponsor Page for Details)*$6,500 $10,500$14,000$15,000
# Staff Main Program passes included12344
Discounted fees for Higher Ed & Non-Profit OrgsYXXXX
Opening Dinner Monday nightYYYYY
Booth Space Available - Open Floor HoursX2365
Premium Exhibitor Floor AreaXXXXY
Access to Speaker-based presentation sessionsYYYYY
Access to Hands-On Labs (unless restricted by vendor)XYYYY
Submit Prerecorded Customer Showcase/Case StudyXXYYY
Host LIVE Customer Showcase/Case Study (Space Permitting)XXXYY
Participate in LIVE "from the event" 30-minute podcastXXXYY
Host LIVE Hands-On Lab or Customer ShowcaseXXXXY
First right-of-refusal to host a branded dinnerXXXXY
Second right-of-refusal to host a branded dinner (after Diamond opt-in)XXXYY


We’ve modified the Exhibitor application automated workflow process.  Adhering to the steps below will assure the smoothest application approval process to secure your spot at the conference.

I) Whomever fills out the Exhibitor application needs to ensure that:

  1. All contact information for the marketing, billing, and Contract Signatory is accurate and complete; 
  2. BEFORE submitting the application, each contact listed in the application has been notified that their name and email are being listed in the application; and,
  3. the named Contract Signatory is aware a link to the Contract not an attachment – will be emailed to the address entered in the application.  This will gives the Contract Signatory notice to be watching for the email from DataVaultAlliance.

II) Upon application submission, our workflow system automatically generates a filled-in contract based on the completed application.

III)  The Contract Signatory will receive a DocuSign version of the generated contract, and is required to sign the contract.

IV) Once the contract is signed by the Contract Signatory, it will be sent to DVA for counter-signature. Without DVA’s counter-signature, the contract is not valid or considered fully executed.

V) The applicant will receive a fully executed copy of the contract if, or when, DVA counter-signs. The available inventory of Exhibitor and Sponsor spots will be reduced based on any fully executed Contracts.

VI) Only a fully executed copy of the application guarantees a spot for the Exhibitor or Sponsor.

This workflow process ensures that DVA is able to guarantee a “first come, first served” response to Exhibitor applications. It also means that the contract is not valid without DVA’s signature.  Our process notifies DVA to counter-sign AFTER the Contract Signatory has completed execution.

2024 Exhibitor Submission