Snowflake Computing sponsors WWDVC!

We are proud to announce the addition of Snowflake Computing as a Silver sponsor of WWDVC.  They are one of the hottest new tech companies in the market today with Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence in the cloud / as a service.  Come talk to Snowflake, about how this space is changing, and what they are doing to shift the playing field!  I am happy to announce the experimentation of Data Vault on Snowflake computing in the cloud.

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A bit from their web site is below…

The Snowflake Data Warehouse Architecture

You can’t solve the data problems of the present and future with software designed for the past.

Snowflake didn’t start with existing software or existing architectures. We saw that cloud infrastructure created the opportunity to build a dramatically better data warehouse–but only if you designed from the ground up to take advantage of cloud. Existing data warehouses were architected for a world where resources were fixed and it was complex and costly to change them.

Snowflake designed our data warehouse as a service for the cloud, where resources are available on demand at any time. That required an entirely new architecture.