WWDVC 2016 under way!

I am very happy to announce that yesterday’s brain-storming session was a huge success (from my perspective).  We had 33 people attend, and raise issues, discussions, and questions around everything from Master Data Management, to Gap Analysis, to Presenting the value propositions of the Vault System to business users.  It was a spectacular time.

We even had WhereScape, and Talend attend – they provided us with valuable vendor feedback on where they wanted to take their tooling to support the Data Vault community.  During the morning break, we interrupted and visited the Varigence company meeting.

One of the largest discussions we had centered around ontologies, business keys, and master data management.  It was very invigorating with lots of great questions.

While we weren’t able to cover all the topics put up on the board, individuals were able to carry their conversations on in to the evening, and I believe, we made a few friends along the way.   Of course, if you know me, then you know I told a few stories along the way.  I just hope everyone had as much fun as I did!