#WWDVC #datavault 2015 is upon us!

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Business Processes

Thank-you to everyone who has sponsored, is a speaker, and registered to attend.  As of today, we have over 56 registrations!  60 people is our max limit, so we have reached our goal of nearly double last years’ attendance.  World Wide Data Vault Consortium 2015 looks to be a huge success.

There are some stellar sessions planned for this year, with the focus being on customer case studies (what customers have done / are doing with Data Vault 2.0 and Data Vault 1.0 on customer sites), mixed with information about leveraging NoSQL and Big Data systems properly.  Included in this years sessions are virtualization, dealing with temporal data, and ongoing largest commercial (banking example) of DV2 with Hadoop and Teradata both in play.

I am very happy to see Claudia Imhoff Keynote, and to see my good friends return to present.  Including Kent Graziano, Roelant Vos, Dirk Learner, Scott Ambler, and Mary Mink.   I am extremely excited about AnalytixDS this year, their demo’s and their latest product innovations will blow you away.  They’ve extended their capabilities in code generation, GUI builder with Options (for enriched metadata), Data Vault code generation support, and even BIG DATA Map Reduce generation… Really something NOT to be missed!

Many of you know that last year, we recorded many of the sessions then released them after the conference.  This year, we have upgraded our cameras, and technology – we will capture as many of these events as we are allowed to, and will produce conference videos once again, as soon as we are able we will provide these sessions on-line at http://KeyLDV.com

Big Data Enthusiasm

Big Data Enthusiasm

My business partner Sanjay Pande is back with tons of results regarding his research with HANDS-ON in the NoSQL space.  He will be talking about the implementation details of putting Data Vaults directly on top of these platforms.   I’m excited to see him, AND excited to say – now that he lives in India, we offer Data Vault Certified Practitioner and Data Vault 2.0 Boot Camp in India as well!  So if you are in India, and want to be certified in DV2, contact us today!

I can’t write enough about all the neat presentations – it looks to be a fantastic time with a lot of good learning to be had by all.   I look forward to seeing you there!

Safe travels,
Dan Linstedt