VaultSpeed Sponsors at Platinum Level!

We have our first sponsor.  VaultSpeed is coming back, and sponsoring at the platinum level.  We are excited to see their new developments.  They have a strong tool entry in the Data Vault landscape for automating all things you need to design, build, and generate your enterprise data warehouse or BI / Analytical Solution!

VaultSpeed has shown tremendous progress over the last few years, and is really a superb entry in the automation tooling space.  One to watch!  Come see VaultSpeed, but even better: Join us for Tuesday’s VaultSpeed Hands On Session!!  A complete 2 hour session, learn how to work with their tool, generate Data Vaults (staging areas, loading code, data vault models, query code, point-in-time, bridges, virtual marts even!!)

The best news?  There’s NOTHING to install!!  It all runs in the cloud!!