WWDVC 2020 Is Open!

To all, Call for speakers, new themes, call for sponsors, all is open and ready!!  If you want to speak, please check the themes and submit before December 15th 2019.  If you want to sponsor, please submit a sponsorship application before the end of November 2019.  If you want to register, please do so ASAP to take advantage of Early Bird Discounts.  I promise you, this will be the best world wide Data Vault conference you’ve ever been to.

New Themes for 2020:

I promise you, this year will be different.  I am looking for: New customers, new speakers, and have themed the event with some advanced topics:

  • Data Mining
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Deep Learning, Machine Learning
  • Impacts to Data Modeling and Data Vault
  • Future of Data Vault (where do we go from here)?
  • Ontologies and Taxonomies
  • Data Governance
  • Automation – What’s Next?

Want to present?

I would love to have your presentations.   Data Scientists, Agile Team Leads, Directors as well as Implementors and consultants… If you are considering presenting, but unsure if you can share your customer name / company name, then have no fear…  Submit your presentation, and simply omit your company name / customer name.  We WANT to hear your stories.   We only ask that you bring:

  • What you are working on
  • Struggles you faced & overcame
  • Struggles you are still facing and don’t have answers to yet
  • Successes you have had with customers

Vendors: Want to co-present?

This year, we will allow vendors to submit customer stories – but, the presentations (as always) must be focused on what the customer did with your tool, how they leveraged it for Data Vault builds, any best practices they’ve discovered or built.  What will be rejected (if submitted) is a Vendor that submits a presentation about the tool, and only the tool.  No “marketing / sales only” presentations during the conference will be allowed.

Note: Platinum Vendors may (if spots available) be given a speaking spot to present “what’s new / road map” with the tool – with special focus on awesome, incredible never before seen features.

Call For Students!

Hey, are you a student?  Want to attend??  Have your professor contact us directly we will provide discount coupons for verified students of universities.

What about presenting??  YES!! PLEASE!  We love student presentations, especially if you’ve built something utilizing Data Vault for your university, or for your graduate work.  Please submit an abstract for speakers so that we can share with the world what you are building!

Crazy Shirt Day is Changing!

It seems, we have lost our zest for FUN at this conference.  We have on Friday, an event called Crazy Shirt Day.  Well, this time – we will change it up a little.  At the welcome reception TUESDAY NIGHT you will be expected to bring your crazy shirt!! VOTING will happen Tuesday night during the reception!!  Your shirt, should you choose to accept this, must be: tacky, wacky, and technically based.  It can be hand-drawn, printed, painted, it can contain lights, and/or sound.  But it must have something to do with IT, or Data Warehousing, or of course: Data Vault.   Even Vendors are welcome to participate.

Data Vault Games are BACK!

In 2019 – Cindi Meyersohn brought us the first ever, Data Vault Games.   It was a HUGE hit!!  Everyone wants Cindi to bring the games back in 2020!   Cindi will be bringing back Data Vault Games, a seriously FUN event for everyone to participate in.  I am certain it will challenge your minds, your skills, and your team work!!  Come and participate in the Data Vault Games – EVERYONE (including vendors) can participate.