AI, and ML for Data Vault come to WWDVC

Don’t have your ticket yet? Don’t delay… this year will be over the top!  This year is all about the art of the possible (as my good friend Nols Ebersohn would say).  You have a Data Vault – now what?  You are interested in AI / ML / Deep Learning – how does this relate to #datavault?  Of course we will cover standard topics, I’m offering an Intro to Data Vault 1 hour session on Tuesday, for those who are just getting in to the fun.

I’m proud to announce a few new sessions added to our schedule:

  • Bruce McCartney – Using #AI to Create the Business Vault
  • Doug Needham – Organically Identifying Data Model Subject Areas
  • Vincent McBurney – Boost your Data Vault with Non Invasive #DataGovernance
  • Mike Ens, Teresa Ayerst – IFRS: the Rise of Data Vault (Case Study in Insurance)

We have a few more sessions being submitted, and in the wings – things are shaping up!!  Early bird tickets are gone, but you can get a discount code if you talk with your vendors: WhereScape, erwin, VaultSpeed

Remember: If you’ve thought about presenting (but haven’t yet) – just talk to me, send me an email…  I’d love to chat with you.

Get your tickets today – because once we are full, we are full!