Corona Virus Update:WWDVC USA moved to 2021

To everyone,

Due to the current pandemic, along with the borders still being closed, and flights in question – we have decided to move the conference again.  This time, we will postpone it until May 17th to May 21st of 2021.

We are contacting sponsors, and speakers now – the good news is: our two keynote speakers have already agreed to May next year.  In more good news, we have a few sponsors that have already said “yes” as well.

This announcement is related ONLY to the WWDVC US conference.  If you have a reservation with the hotel, they request that you contact them and let them know you either want your reservation “moved” OR you want your reservation cancelled.

We will keep you posted as we go.

Thank you for all your continued support of both this conference, and the Data Vault community!

Sincerely, Dan Linstedt