Coronavirus Update: WWDVC USA 2020 Postponed

Due to the world pandemic, we have decided to postpone the WWDVC 2020 US conference.
We have simply pushed the dates back to August 30th – September 4th 2020.

What you need to know at a glance:

  • When: August 30th, to September 4th, 2020
  • Where: Stoweflake Vermont (Same hotel)
  • Sponsors: committed to sponsoring, attending, and running hands-on
  • Hotel: your responsibility – but hotel should rebook your room for the new dates
  • Speakers: in communication right now, asking them to re-commit.
  • Refunds: if you need one / would like one, please ask – we will issue a refund (minus any processing fees eventbrite may have collected).
  • Your “registration”: if you wish to KEEP your registration, then there is nothing you need to do (other than contact the hotel for any hotel stay you’ve arranged).  We have moved the EventBrite dates in accordance with the new timeline.
  • SCHEDULE: The schedule on this web-site will change within the next week, we have not yet been able to “catch up” with the necessary changes to the schedule to reset the dates.

Our incredible sponsors have already supported this change, and have committed to sponsor, pending of course any further government actions.  We are now in contact with our speakers in hopes of keeping the same agenda setup.  We are happy to issue refunds to any who ask, however we hope that you will be able to reschedule and keep your attendance.

If you have a reservation with the hotel, please contact the hotel to move your reservation.

Thank you so much for your careful consideration in this matter.  We appreciate your unwavering support for Data Vault, and the global community.

Sincerely, WWDVC Team:
Dan Linstedt, April Aulick, Sanjay Pande, and Cindi Meyersohn