New Session Added! Degroof Petercam accelerates quality data delivery

We’ve added another new session to our upcoming WWDVC conference!   We want to welcome Jonas De Keuster to our conference.  Here’s a sneak peek at what they are bringing:

Degroof Petercam accelerates quality data delivery with VaultSpeed


For Pierre Everard, the essential criteria for a data warehouse were agility and versatility. As their existing data warehouse was becoming obsolete, the team started searching for a solution that would solve problems with parallel loading and allow convenient data historization.

Degroof Petercam needed a data warehouse that could include data from multiple, multi-country sources and was compatible with a modern technology stack. After extensive research, the IT Data Management team concluded that Data Vault 2.0 modeling and architecture methodology would be the best solution for their needs.

VaultSpeed changed Degroof Petercam’s way of working and helped save time in every project it was applied to. “VaultSpeed accelerated every data warehouse development sprint we started,” Pierre continues, “by speeding up source discovery, and thanks to ready-to-use Data Vault 2.0 structures, and automatic code generation and deployment into our data pipelines in Talend.”

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