New Session Added! The Data Vault as an Engineering Pattern

We’ve added another new session to our upcoming WWDVC conference!   We want to welcome Matt Florian to our conference.  Here’s a sneak peek at what they are bringing:

The Data Vault as an Engineering Pattern

When data engineers use the data vault pattern, they follow a design path into the business vault. First, the business vault holds standardized transformed data products for downstream pipeline consumption. Then, the data engineer integrates the data into a single, unified data product.

The business vault is a repository of trusted data.

No additional work is required to integrate the M&A data into the pipeline. The remaining data pipelines consume the data with no changes to their code. The singular integration point mitigates the risk of schema changes, pipeline disruptions, and code defects. Data quickly integrate at the lowest level of common granularity.

The risk lowers when data engineers use visual engineering tools such as @coalesce to build the enterprise data pipeline. The risk mitigation derives from engineering patterns encapsulated into templates and managed through integrated data lineage at the column level. As a result, a new data engineer can easily visualize how others have implemented and followed the design.

The data vault is both a data modeling methodology and an engineering pattern. The ability to be both makes it a powerful tool when building the enterprise data pipeline.

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