New Session Added! We Built a Data Vault…Now What?

We’ve added another new session to our upcoming WWDVC conference!   We want to welcome Mike Magalsky to our conference.  Here’s a sneak peek at what they are bringing:

We Built a Data Vault…Now What? Maturing your Data Vault with Governance and Security Leading Practices


infoVia has helped many organizations build a modern data warehouse.  Maturing that solution into a workable, valuable, helpful product is the natural next phase of that journey.  In this session, infoVia presents some of our lessons and best practices, including how we use automation, and also sharing data using our elegant and revolutionary approach we call infoSecur to ease access governance and secure data provisioning.  You will also learn some strategies for mastering, cleansing and integration that make the modern data warehouse truly change-able and continually evolving.

You WON’T Want to miss this years’ conference.  If you haven’t registered yet, please do so today – just click the link below.

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