New Session Added! Zero to Production in 35 Days with dbt & DataVault

We’ve added another new session to our upcoming WWDVC conference!   We want to welcome Warren Steger to our conference.  Here’s a sneak peek at what they are bringing:

Zero to Production in 35 Days with dbt, DataVault, Snowflake and Azure DevOps


In this how-to-build session, we will describe how we built a robust build/release framework that enabled the rapid, iterative development of a full stack Data Vault model solution (raw vault, business vault, information vault) starting from scratch to full production operations in 35 business days for a large US based financial services firm on the Snowflake and Microsoft Azure.

What you will learn:

  • How Data Vault was used successfully to support rapid agile delivery of ELT solution
  • How we integrated dbt and the dbtvault package to provide an low-code solution for deployment of stage, raw vault and business vault
  • How we scaled our initial production solution to a full enterprise data warehouse for a large fortune 500 company

We will show how we built a DataVault solution by applying Data-As-Code (DaC) approach using open source dbt.  The solution we built is DataVault compliant, sql-code-centric, versioned, tested, and documented.  We will delve deep into how we applied proven software engineering practices to code promotion from individual developer’s code check-ins, promotion to controlled environments for lower integration to QA to production using Azure Devops Source Repository and Azure Devops Pipelines.

The data as code toolchain we built from scratch leveraged the following key components:

  • Snowflake Software as a Service (SaaS) big data platform hosted on Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Azure DevOps services to create the build/release/deployment pipelines for developers to use to deploy the data vault models and ELT code to Snowflake platform
  • dbt open source that provided a robust development and testing framework
  • dbtvault open source dbt package that provided the automated generation of the ELT code

We will describe how we scaled  data transformation and accelerated business value creation (and so can you!).  We will wrap up by telling you what we would have done differently, if we had known what we know now (so that you don’t have be burned by same gotchas).

You WON’T Want to miss this years’ conference.  If you haven’t registered yet, please do so today – just click the link below.

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