WWDVC 2021 – Announcements for March

Hi everyone!

We are very happy to announce that WWDVC 2021 will commence in May.  The week of May 17 2021!!  We will be 100% virtual, and hosted on a major conference platform: CVENT.com  (our new site on the platform is not quite yet ready – it will be soon!)

We are in the process of turning registrations back on (don’t have those quite yet), but should have the registration form turned on next week sometime (week of March 8th 2021).

WE WILL BE 100% VIRTUAL this year.    Some live-streamed sessions, and some prerecorded.

We’ve fixed our schedule – you can now set your calendar appropriately.


  • we have OPEN speaking spots for LIVE STREAMED sessions.  Have  an idea? want to submit?  Do so TODAY!
  • We have 6 new speaking spots for pre-recorded sessions.  We want you to submit !


  • Want to sponsor our event?  Fill in the BE A SPONSOR form!  Let us know!

Welcome to our Current Sponsors:

  • Platinum: Zetaris, VaultSpeed, erwin, WhereScape, Snowflake
  • Gold: PerformanceG2, D|ONE Consulting
  • Silver: ForestRim Technology, DataRebels

We’ve recently added Zetaris – a leading edge Data Fabric and Virtualization engine to our Platinum Sponsorship levels!  Want to get hands-on with a Virtualization engine?  THIS IS THE PLACE TO DO IT!

NOTE: Some of our Hands On Sessions will be overlapping this year schedule-wise (Our Monday & Tuesday schedule may change a little as a result).

Already Registered?  Have a question?   Contact us directly.

Thank you kindly,
WWDVC Management