WWDVC and Coronavirus 2020

To all our fans, friends, speakers and sponsors:   We are still planning on holding the conference in May 2020, as of today (13 March 2020) all of our sponsors have said they would come, nearly all of our speakers have said they can make it.

In the cases where our speakers cannot make it, we have asked them first: if they can record their session so we can play it back, if that is not feasible, we have asked if they can present via ZOOM meeting remote.  Worst case: we will fill the spot (either Sanjay, myself, or Cindi) will take the spot.

We assume that by May, the virus will have passed, and everyone will be safe.   We will however take health care and cleanliness to the suggested levels: sanitizers, wipes, no shaking hands this year, etc…

Thank you kindly,

Dan Linstedt