Friday – Workshop: Agile Analytics Requirements Construction

Friday – Workshop: Agile Analytics Requirements Construction

Two years ago Dan shared his vision for some innovations he was working with in our “lab”.  He talked about how a Data Vault team might augment their existing solution to incorporate an innovative approach to address very specific cases – an approach that we’ve been testing for a while.  AVDV, or Advanced Virtual Data Vault, is a technique that is a point solution designed to reduce data movement and extend the scalability, agility, and affordability of data analytics.  However, to achieve the acceleration afforded by this innovative approach, the teams must build incrementally – gaining understanding of the business’ perspective.

This is what we call ontology work in Data Vault, and it results in producing a logical model that adheres to the Data Vault standards.  From the logical model, accelerated delivery can be achieved.

The Agile Analytics Requirements Construction session is designed to be a workshop that introduces attendees to the vision of how a logical DV design can enable movement toward “virtualizing” components of your data warehouse and how that logical DV model should be produced.  The workshop will guide you through the principles, methodology, and initial steps needed to design an Advanced Virtual Data Vault.

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