Monday – Enterprise Data Quality: The Key to Artificial Intelligence

Monday – Enterprise Data Quality: The Key to Artificial Intelligence

Some people will say that data is the new oil, or the new gold. They’re wrong, data is far more valuable
than that: Data is the new water. Just like you need clean water to survive, your organization needs
clean data to thrive. High quality data is key to business intelligence (BI), to data-driven decisions, and is
particularly critical for effective artificial intelligence (AI). But are your enterprise data, and your data
professionals, up to the challenge?

We start with a discussion of why data quality is critical to your organizational success and explore
industry statistics around data quality. It isn’t a pretty picture. We then shift to how AI/machine
learning (ML) initiatives work in practice with a focus on the data quality needs for AI/ML. Given this
context, we overview how to compare DQ techniques to identify the right DQ strategies for you from
the plethora available. You are likely to find that you require a hybrid strategy of traditional and agile
data quality techniques.

During this session, we will address:

  • Why data quality is essential to your organization.
  • Why your organization is likely failing at data quality.
  • Why data quality is key to artificial intelligence.
  • How to choose the right data quality technique for your context.
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