Monday – Keynote – All Roads Lead to …. the Data Vault

Monday – Keynote – All Roads Lead to …. the Data Vault

Innovations on Data Vault 2.0

All roads lead to the Data Vault

As organizations evolve and grow they naturally become less flexible and agile as they get bloated both by increasingly more diverse and complex processes to answer emerging business needs and by multiple technology platforms acquired over time to address these new needs or challenges. As for data? Well… let’s hoard (because storage is cheap and one doesn’t know when the data will be needed again… if ever!!!).

If innovation and speed were the fuel that drove companies forward at their inception, compliance and technology legacy now impede value delivery. That is where the data vault comes in as a solution to those problems (What??? … Another system ???).

This presentation will look deeper into organizational behavior, system dynamics, standards and data.

Focusing on his experience at MIT, Gilles will share his professional journey from reflection to vision to implementation. The concepts covered will help members of the audience understand the key dynamics and concepts around the data vault (i.e. the “soft” side), why it is absolutely critical for establishing an agile organization focused on value delivery and why executives should make such initiative part of their core operational (not just IT) strategy… and why YOU should lead the way.

Topics addressed during this presentation include:

  • system dynamics
  • organizational behavior
  • data strategy and data governance
  • semantics, metadata and reference data
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