Monday – 3 Keys to Successful Analytical Initiatives

Monday – 3 Keys to Successful Analytical Initiatives

How do you manage?

Managing analytic programs is ladened with challenges:  From sky high promises and expectations to overdue schedules, intermittent teamwork and costs getting out of hand. We often find ourselves in the midst of a proverbial mine field.  Sounds familiar?

Implementing Data Vault 2.0 provides colorful results even though behind the terms and methodologies should lie a simple thing to do. During my career in the Finnish data warehousing landscape, I have been part of exactly that: colorful projects. The challenges introduced here are likely the same all over the world – some of them make you think of giving up.

I will share practical experience and cases from Finland and will dig deeper into the reasons behind failure and success. Either outcome has shared traits tied to management, leadership, and discipline. Or the lack thereof. Managing and aligning with Data Vault 2.0 initiatives requires solid planning, strong leadership, and unwavering focus. Having the finest technical skills and paying attention to the smallest technical details of Data Vault 2.0 methodology means nothing if the big picture fails.

In Finland I have experienced projects of different size and companies both large and small. Areas like the manufacturing industry, energy sector and public sector – wellbeing service counties in particular – provide an interesting variety of chances for success or failure.

Discipline, patience, and leadership – join me to find out why these simple key words mean everything. After this we might just manage and banish failure – with Data Vault 2.0.

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