Monday – What the World Needs Now Is … LEADERSHIP

Monday – What the World Needs Now Is … LEADERSHIP

It seems that everywhere you turn today, whether it’s government, community, or business, everyone wants and values good leadership. But what do we really want good leaders to bring to our organizations, what does leadership truly mean, and what are the characteristics of a good leader?  More importantly, how are you as a leader inspiring and empowering your team to not only perform, but do the right thing as they execute their area of responsibility. In his 20+ years of leading elite special operators units, Lt. Col. Meyersohn has learned the value of leaders who empower their teams to execute some of the most impactful and high-risk strategic missions. This discussion will encourage you to look through the optics of Military Mission Command and inspire leadership development in yourself, your team and as a core to your organizational culture.

What you might take away from this session:
Is leadership something we can train?
What is true servant leadership?
Even the most talented teams need engaged leadership to ensure mission success
Personal and Organizational commitment to leadership – and its costs.
Three factors that determine whether your people will do the “right thing”, and how to support every individual to be the best version of themselves.

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