Thursday – Mind Your Own Business(Vault)

Thursday – Mind Your Own Business(Vault)

For many users, the Business Vault is mysterious and daunting uncharted territory. They hear the often-repeated mantra, “We’ll fix it in the Business Vault,” but without a map, how, exactly, is one supposed to do that?

Seasoned experts Sam Bendayan and Jim Mihalick provide a practical exploration of Business Vault with a Statewide Healthcare Organization case study. Details include the intricate processes of data cleansing and conforming and the specific challenges faced during the project.

Attendees will gain insights into transforming raw, disparate data into a business-user-friendly format by addressing critical BV aspects including staging, application of business rules, and sophisticated master data management. BV stages (staging, integration, and the creation of star schemas) as well as special scenarios like address cleansing and managing reference data will be covered. By dissecting the execution of a Statewide Healthcare Organization’s Business Vault, this talk will demonstrate a pragmatic, actionable pathway for navigating the BV with confidence, ensuring successful real-world Data Vault projects.

Technical Track