Thursday – R-Rated Data Vault

Thursday – R-Rated Data Vault

R-Rated Data Vault

Not all Data Vault projects are created equal…

Many projects have pitfalls lurking that aren’t covered in common training material.

Data Vault projects are straightforward when data is accurate, properly formatted, and error-free. But that’s not usually how it works. Projects often have “R-Rated” complexities—real-world problems that standard methodologies and instructional materials fail to address.

Compromised datasets can add hours of time to projects, creating delays and squandering resources along the way. In this session, Jim Mihalick and Sam Bendayan will show some of these complexities, along with their proposed solutions, using examples from the case study of a Statewide Healthcare Organization.

Presentation Topics:

1. Characteristics of difficult Data Vault projects: Indicators that signify whether a Data Vault project will be complex and challenging.

2. Real-world challenges and pattern-based solutions: Specific difficult issues encountered and the solutions used to address them.

3. Importance of expert engagement and conferences: The role of expert insights and industry conference participation in simplifying complex Data Vault projects, particularly illustrated by the case study involving the Statewide Healthcare Organization.

4. Common “gotchas” in Data Vault implementations: Identification of common pitfalls in Data Vault projects, such as data source complexity.

5. Best practices and standards: The development of “R-Rated” standards for resolving issues that are not covered in existing literature or training materials and creating acceptable practices for the Data Vault community.

Technical Track