Tuesday – WhereScape 3D + DVE Hands-On Lab

Tuesday – WhereScape 3D + DVE Hands-On Lab

WhereScape 3D + DVE Hands-On Lab:

Design and Implement a Data Vault Model in One and a Half Hours

WhereScape, the premier vendor for designing, developing, deploying, and operating data warehouses, including Data Vault 2.0 methodology, is holding a two-hour Hands-on Lab to design and build a Data Vault 2.0 raw vault, business vault, and presentation layer.

Each attendee will be assigned a virtual machine with all of the necessary software installed. A WhereScape Solutions Architect will be demonstrating each of the labs in the workbook, and then the attendees will then work through each of the labs.

Previous experience with Data Vault 2.0 is recommended, but not necessary. Also, WhereScape’s Data Vault Express will take care of all of the technical details. No experience with programming languages or SQL is required.

Major Topics Covered:

  • Build a conceptual model of your raw vault in WhereScape 3D
  • Create PITs, bridges on top of your raw vault
  • Create facts and dimensions on top of your business vault
  • Create the physical model of your data vault in PostgreSQL
  • Fully document your model
Technical Track