Wednesday – Data Modernization Journey using DV2 and BEAM

Wednesday – Data Modernization Journey using DV2 and BEAM

Working with legacy systems in insurance is a common theme. Amica Life made the decision in 2018 to revamp its end-to-end system platform. This provided an opportunity to start fresh with a new cloud data warehouse using Snowflake.

The DV 2.0 methodology, along with a warehouse automation tool, empowered our small team to develop gradually to modernize our back- and front-end systems. This has enabled business users to interact with dashboards and reports for the first time.

Partnering with PerformanceG2 (now 7Rivers), the team developed in an agile manner. The journey started from education, partnering with the business to let them drive business requirements using the BEAM* methodology. BEAM* helped us rapidly collect business requirements driven by business users, and design the BV and IMs.

Today we will showcase our journey, its challenges and successes – as well as lessons others may find useful in their system-development journey.

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