Thursday: IFRS: The Rise of Data Vault (a Case Study)

IFRS: The Rise of Data Vault (a Case Study)

This is a case study of a Data Vault journey. We will discuss how our organization’s Data Vault supports a specific regulatory project in our industry. We will talk about the successes we have seen and some of the challenges we have had along the way.

We are a mid-sized Canadian insurance and financial company and we are accountable to an international regulatory body. Prior to 2018, our organization’s data architecture looked like a spider web of various operational data stores, MS Access databases, Excel spreadsheets, and the beginnings of 2 data warehouses. Business stakeholders spend a good deal of time as part of each month-end pulling together data from various sources, completing calculations, and ensuring reconciliation across the systems and the General Ledger.

Due to evolving standards, there is now a much higher focus on data lineage and auditability. It would have been a challenge to meet our new standards using our previous architecture. Our organization decided that our reporting needs were to be sourced through a data warehouse and all manual data extrapolation decommissioned. Data Vault has positioned us to iterate through an ever-changing landscape of priorities.

Topics Covered:

  • Advantages of using data vault to incrementally deliver during a multi-year program
  • Value of data vault in demonstrating materiality of business scenarios to stakeholders
  • How we handled the challenge of data quality issues ensuring that they were visible to and prioritized by stakeholders
  • Maintaining focus when the details of the end state are unknown and everything else is moving around you

Full Conference
Location: Pinnacle Room Date: May 27, 2021 Time: 2:00 pm - 2:55 pm Theresa Ayerst Mike Ens