Wednesday: Keynote Intro to Machine Learning

KEYNOTE: Introduction to Machine Learning

Machine learning is here and it will stay. Everybody should know what it is about and where it could be used. So what is machine learning and where can it be used?

What is unsupervised learning, supervised learning, or reinforcement learning? What is deep learning? In this presentation we will talk about clustering, regression, classification, and so much more. We will talk about measuring, improving the model, feature selection, feature transformation, principal component analysis, hyper-parameter tuning and much more.

At the end of the session we discuss what else there is to learn and how to get started with machine learning.

In this presentation you learn what machine learning is all about and hopefully get so excited about the whole thing you want to learn more! After this presentation it will be easier to start learning.  This presentation is an improved version of a presentation awarded as the best presentation at KScope19 conference on Emerging technologies track.

Please note: Heli is a Certified Data Vault 2.0 Practitioner, and has been working with Data Vault for over 5 years.  This presentation is NOT to be missed!  She will tie machine learning to Data Vault across both of her presentations.

Full Conference Keynote
Location: On-line Date: May 19, 2021 Time: 8:00 am - 8:55 am Heli Helskyaho