Robert Meyersohn

Robert Meyersohn

Lt. Col. Joint Special Operations Command, USAF

With over 20 years of experience in the U.S. Air Force, Robert is a seasoned and decorated pilot, commander, and leader. Currently he serves as the Director of Air Operations at Joint Special Operations Command, where he oversees and coordinates air operations for the most elite special operations forces in the world. He holds a MBA with a concentration on Computer/Information Technology Administration and Management, and has honed his skills in mentoring, teaching, coaching, strategic planning, operational art and science, and joint operations. He is passionate about serving his country, empowering others, and pursuing excellence and contributing to innovative and impactful projects and teams.

Robert’s expertise is to “Refine the Raw” – empowering exponential growth in people.

He’s a highly responsible and motivated leader who believes in the concept of “we”, and finds the most joy celebrating a group victory over a personal one. He is most fulfilled when creating new ideas that solve complicated problems and challenges. Whether to colleagues or senior leaders, Rob is able to present advanced concepts in a reasonable, orderly and methodical way. He has little difficulty expressing his ideas or opinions especially at critical decision points or in crisis. Through hard work and dedication, he persists in solving problems or executing tasks until the job is complete. He delivers on his promises because of a personal sense of honoring his obligations and he resists being held back, restrained or controlled by people or events. When put in charge, he can quickly take inputs, assess risks and act decisively.  These are the characteristics and qualities that have contributed to his decades of leadership, and these are lessons that he desires to share with our audience, empowering our own exponential growth in an industry that is desperate for true leaders.

Clifton Strengths: Achiever | Individualization | Belief | Responsibility | Strategic