Dan Linstedt

Dan Linstedt is the inventor of the Data Vault Architecture (now deemed DV 1.0) and Data Vault 2.0. He is a world renowned expert in Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence with over 25 years of IT experience. He has directly helped many fortune 50 companies including Nike, US Air Force, US Department of Defense, American Automobile Association, Desjardins Bank, and Edmonton Police Services and many others and indirectly helped many more organizations to implement their Business Intelligence solutions.

Dan is also the author of the books The New Business Supermodel and the de-facto standard for Data Vault 1.0 Modeling – Super Charge Your Data Warehouse.

Dan offers private Data Vault 2.0 certifications at Vermont. Sometimes he can be persuaded to visit your organization to help get a project off the ground using the kick start package which is usually combined with a certification effort for your entire team.

Dan has co-founded DataVaultAlliance.com to help spread the word and education about the Data Vault with his real-world experiences.

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