Doug Needham

Doug started his career as a Marine Database Administrator supporting operational systems that spanned the globe in support of the Marine Corps missions. Since then Doug has worked as a consultant, data engineer, and data architect for Enterprises of all sizes from 3M and Lockheed Martin to a number of startups. Working in industries like Telecom, Retail, Medical, Industrial, and Education, Doug has worked with data that supports a variety of mission critical needs.

Organizing data to make to make it easily accessible to people that need it has been Doug’s main purpose during this time. In working with such a variety of use-cases, applications, source systems, and analytical needs, Doug began to understand how to apply Social Network Analysis to the field of data modeling and data architecture. These techniques have been around since the time of Euler and applying them to the growing needs of our ever expanding data infrastructure has shone new light on a field defined by Codd, Inmon, Kimball, and others. Doug is excited to share Network techniques and their application with anyone who will listen. Doug is always looking to learn new things.

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