Hannu Jarvi

Hannu Järvi is the CEO for Hovi Competence Development, a leading data management training and consulting company in Finland.

Hannu holds a Master’s degree in Systems and Operations Research (Engineering Physics and Mathematics) from Aalto University.

Hannu’s first contact with ML / AI took place in 1990’s when he was in charge of pricing optimization at a Finnish telecom operator. Despite his early career and his math background, he has spent half of his 25 year career in business development and sales of complex IT systems. During the big data hype, at around 2012, it dawned on him that ML / AI was finally taking off for real and he decided to make a career move back to his roots.

The combination of math and sales background has given him a good grasp of how to articulate the effects and potential of ML / AI to the business management.

He can be reached at: http://arihovi.com

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