Jeff Dodds

West Ada School District

Jeff has been a teacher and technology enthusiast since 1998 when he began is educational career with the Yuma School District. Having a passion for the outdoors, he moved back to Idaho in 2001 and started working as a web application developer and Internet director for Citadel Media Corporation. With a desire to get back into the educational sector, Jeff accepted a position with the Meridian School District, in 2003, as a web programmer. After two years, Jeff eventually moved to Oregon and started working for the Beaverton School District as a web application developer, and within a couple years become a systems analyst working on specific data collection and reporting projects. During this time, Jeff completed his Master’s degree in Business Administration and received a Project Management Profession certification. In 2012, Jeff accepted a data administrator position with the West Ada School District to pursue his passion for data and analytics. Currently, Jeff manages a team of data analysts and support specialists that are working toward reliable and accurate data delivery for all stakeholders in the West Ada School District. In addition, Jeff received an Educational Specialist degree through the University of Idaho and has his Superintendent’s certification.

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