Platinum Sponsor : Coalesce

About Our Sponsor:

Coalesce would love to sponsor the WWDVC given our deep expertise/background in DV 2.0 and its use-cases. It’s a phenomenal opportunity to connect with the DV community and help address the success organizations have had implementing a Data Vault compared to other methodologies.

Coalesce’s platform is related to DV2 because it serves customers with a solution for automating the development, management, and documentation of Data Vault projects. Coalesce was architected from the ground-up with DV2 as a central focus for the solution. Because the data vault methodology is pattern-based, it is a perfect fit for an automation solution like Coalesce. We ship out of the box Nodes (similar to templates) for Hubs, Links, Satellites, PIT’s, Bridges, Multi-active satellites, etc. – along with anything else our customers may need to successfully implement a Data Vault.

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