DataRebels LLC

DVA’s Only Woman-owned and operated Authorized Training Partner

About Our Sponsor

DataRebels delivers world-class Data Vault 2.0 CDVP2 training, education, systems integration services, and coaching to our students and clients.

Our objective is to position our clients for success in their Data Vault projects.  We do this by emphasizing the strategy – or the “Why?” – behind the Data Vault methodology and architecture.  We then engage our clients in the tactics – the “boots on the ground” actions directly related to the “What and How” of properly modeling and implementing a DV2 solution.

We know from experience that when Data Vaults are built correctly, the business is able to leverage the full capability and value of their analytics solution to spur growth and innovation and to navigate the murky waters of uncertainty and risk – all made possible based on the knowledge gained through information derived from data.   We believe that businesses need to mature from being data-driven to being knowledge-driven, and that maturity curve is achieved by embracing an analytic solution whose foundation is the Data Vault 2.0 system of business intelligence.

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