Founded in 1978 and best known as The CoSort Company, IRI specializes in fast data management and data-centric security.

You may remember our first appearance at the WWDVC last year, but if not, from our utilities:

  • IRI CoSort for big data transformation, ETL optimization, and BI data wrangling
  • IRI RowGen, for rapidly populating Data Vault and EDW/VLDB schemas with structurally and referentially correct test data or
  • IRI FieldShield, for finding, classifying, and masking PII in databases and flat files

and our total data management platform, IRI Voracity, which includes the three above, plus

  • IRI FACT (Fast Extract) for unloading VLDBS to flat files in parallel
  • IRI NextForm for data/DB migration and replication
  • IRI DarkShield for finding, classifying, and masking PII in unstructured files
  • IRI CellShield EE for the same, but with Excel-side control of sheets LAN-wide

We’re proud to return this year again with Voracity — which consolidates the key data management activities of data discovery, integration, migration, governance, and analytics — and show you its new ergonomic wizard for Data Vault 2.0 that rapidly:

  1. Generates Data Vault models from existing relational tables
  2. Migrates relational data into those models automatically or
  3. Populates those models with safe, realistic test data

With or without the wizard, you can use IRI Workbench (the IDE built on Eclipse) and interchangeable CoSort or Hadoop engines to design and run jobs that:

  • Profile, search, and classify
  • Transform and integrate (ETL)
  • Validate, cleanse and standardize (data quality)
  • Encrypt, pseudonymize, redact (mask) and risk-score
  • Migrate legacy data types, file formats and databases
  • Report, or wrangle data for BI/analytic tools like Cognos, Knime, Qlik, R, Tableau, etc.

Voracity jobs are also compatible with Erwin Mapping Manager and Erwin EDGE, allowing you to replace slower, costlier ETL tools and extend Voracity’s data governance capabilities to include Erwin’s state-of-the-art workflow authorizations, graphical data lineage, and granular identity access management.

For more information, see Claudia at our exhibit table at the WWDV and!