IRiS by Certus Solutions

IRiS – by Certus Solutions

Transform your information into your most powerful asset.  IRiS radically reduces the time it takes to bring your information into focus, from practically any data source or combination of datasets.

How fast can you make sense of your data?

The IRiS platform enables you to build integrated information stores – simply, securely and fast. Empower teams across your business to surface insight, build better applications, and innovate faster than ever before.

Unlock the potential of Data Vault

IRiS is a cloud Information Management platform developed to unlock the power of the Data Vault 2.0 methodology in a consumable, agile and empowering way that suits your Enterprise Data Warehousing requirements.

The new normal for information management

Increasingly, business imperatives are requiring timely access to accurate, curated data, in increasing volumes and variation. With the rapid adaptation and digital transformation occurring for enterprises, the demands of information consumers has grown in both volume and demand. Business platforms now need to deliver a wider set of capabilities, including automation, traceability, scalability, and flexibility – but most of all, time to insight.

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