Snowflake Computing

Snowflake Computing

One of the most innovative and forward thinking companies in the Data Warehousing space today.

Reinventing the Data Warehouse

We are a team of data professionals changing how people use data. Our mission: to safely store, transform and analyze business data, making it easy for everyone to quickly gain insight. Founded with a vision to reinvent the data warehouse, we have built a completely new SQL data warehouse designed for the cloud and for today’s needs.

The Problem We Saw

We saw that conventional data warehouses aren’t keeping up with the exploding demand for data insight—they’re so complex, costly, and inflexible that they have become obstacles rather than facilitators to accessing and analyzing data.

“Big Data” platforms aren’t the solution either—they’re even more complex, require specialized skills, and simply weren’t designed for data warehousing.

How We Solve It

We saw that the data warehouse needed reinvention. So we built a completely new SQL data warehouse guided by these principles:

  •   Leave the limitations of the past behind.Rather than starting with an existing architecture and software package, we designed and implemented a new, unique architecture.
  •   Design for the cloud.On-premise solutions are too complex, too expensive and getting more so each day. We developed our service from the ground up for the cloud.
  •   Deliver a true service.People want to focus on their data, not on configuration, tuning, and administration. Rather than deliver traditional software hosted in the cloud, we deliver data warehousing as a service.