Sponsor Helpful Info


You are REQUIRED to register all booth, support, sales, marketing staff (that will attend) through EventBrite (our registration). Without a registration, your staff will not be allowed to participate in the event.

IF you are running a hands-on Lab, you are required to submit a hands-on lab abstract.

Please fill in the abstract ASAP - even with draft descriptions and draft titles so that we have something to advertise to attendees.  You can ALWAYS edit it later.  Remember: Good abstracts help drive attendance - which benefits both of us!

If you are providing a customer showcase (either prerecorded or live), you are required to submit a customer showcase abstract (Speaker Submission Form).   Please submit a title and a description AS SOON AS POSSIBLE - as it helps drive attendance, which benefits both of us.

Remember - you can always edit your abstracts later.

Please submit your abstracts for Customer Showcase and Hands On Labs as soon as possible.   They serve as placeholders and more importantly - they can help drive attendance numbers.   Missing content is a reason why people do not register for the conference.  If you want better attendance, then you need to submit your abstracts (even if they are just ideas to be edited later) as soon as possible.

Can we co-present?  Yes.  You may co-present with your customer showcase.   That said - customer showcases cannot be sales or marketing pitches.   They must be focused on how the customer leveraged your services or tools to achieve success with Data Vault.

To co-present you must submit all speakers (you and your customer) with bio's, in one speaker submission form.

No.  WWDVC 2023 requires you to present in person, live.  We will not be streaming this year, and we will not have virtual attendance.   As a sponsor, you are required to have a minimum staff of 2 people present on-site.

No.  WWDVC 2023 will not be streaming, or have any virtual presence.  All attendees and all sponsors and all staff must be on-site to experience the conference.

You can help increase attendance by:

  1. Emailing your customer list about your presence at the conference, ask them to register.
  2. Fill in your Customer Showcase and Hands On Lab Abstracts AS SOON AS POSSIBLE
  3. Help us advertise the conference in your channels.

Sponsors will receive attendee information in accordance with the statements made on the Sponsor Benefits page.   Those that are allowed to see attendee information will receive the lists shortly before the conference starts, or shortly after the conference ends.

Sponsor Show-Kit (REQUIRED!)

Please take a minute to read through every detail of the Sponsor Showkit.  Important dates, times, locations, contact information and more are indicated in this document.  Feel free to download it and distribute it to the proper folks.

Sponsor Showkit PDF

Download it now.

Hotel Layouts

The hotel has the following layouts available.   We have provided images with hotspots for additional clarification on where we intend on setting up the sponsor booths, foot, etc..  The Gallery are the stairs down to the main conference area.  Stowe North and South are where the sponsor booths are setup along with the snacks and food.   Our registration booth is in the Atrium.

Collins Reception is down the stairs in the Gallery area.

Main Floor

Pop-Ups are allowed.  Sponsors will be laid out in a U shaped pattern along the walls in Stowe North and South. 1 of 5 These stairs lead down to the main conference area (ie: Pinnacle Room) and our Platinum Plus sponsor booths. 2 of 5 Our conference registration booth will be located in the atrium, along with standing tables. 3 of 5 Our food, snacks, coffee and tea will be located along the wall, and in the middle of the Stowe North and South  room. 4 of 5 Hotel Check-in and Concierge service is here. 5 of 5

Downstairs - Main Conference Area

Our main conference and sponsored dinners are held in the Pinnacle Room.  Platinum Plus sponsors each receive an area (indicated below) in the Collins Reception area to setup their booths.

Collins Reception is directly down the stairs from the Gallery area above.

Our main conference area is all of the Pinnacle Room.  Sponsored dinners will also be held in this room if the weather outside is not agreeable. 1 of 4 Platinum Plus Sponsor #1 will be assigned an area here, at the bottom of the stairs. 2 of 4 Platinum Plus Sponsor #2 will be assigned an area here, at the bottom of the stairs. 3 of 4 Platinum Plus Sponsor #3 will be assigned an area here, at the bottom of the stairs. 4 of 4